Monday, September 6, 2010


mmg dh lama tak update
bz kah?
tak la bz sgt pon
kebanyakan masa dihabiskan dgn buang masa spt on9 dan tidur.
wake up,yuhanis!wake up!
lepas raya ni no more on9 selalu sgt n tdoq lama sgt.
5 more weeks to go to final xm.
dh nk dkt2 final neh biasa la there will be more n more assignments to come,test(test 2,3) and baru aku sedaq byk lg upanya subjek yg tak buat test lg!,quizzes,LAB REPORTS(seriously,i hate doing lab reports),presentation ENT,big presentation for FSG, n making drama for MAndarin subject,oral test n writing test mandarin lg..haeh..smua tu kena bg settle in 5 weeks!
am i in the right track right now? this the right course for me?
no more turning 2 more semester to go after turning turning turning turning back..!!!